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AGUA SARCA (current)

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Chocolate, Toffee, Passion Fruit

LOCATION: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

ALTITUDE:1200 - 1400 MASL

VARIETAL: Red Catuai


Agua Sarca, a cherished family-owned estate for over 30 years, is nestled in Dipilto, Nueva

Segovia, under the care of Isacio Javier Albir Vílchez and his family. It covers an average of

76 hectares. Agua Sarca is a team of 25 devoted individuals expanding to 85 during the

harvest season from November to March.

The farm employs an eco-conscious cultivation. It provides shade by a diverse mix of forest

species, fruit trees, and banana plants. They use an organic and mineral fertilizers to nourish

the soil - while having regular practices such as pruning, stumping, suckering, and shade

management to ensure they maintain the health and quality of the coffee plants. Only ripe

coffee cherries are harvested to ensure the highest quality beans.

Post-harvest, the beans undergo a carefully timed fermentation process of 18 to 24 hours,

followed by a meticulous wash. The coffee is transported to the dry mill to African drying

beds, which are covered and housed inside a microtunnel. The design of the facility ensures

that the coffee never comes into contact with the ground, maintaining its quality.

Finally, the coffee embarks on its journey to reach us. Agua Sarca is nurtured by generations.

A testament to it‘s heritage, dedication, and quality.


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