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FLAVOUR PROFILE: Honeydew melon, raspberry and banana with a smooth caramel finish

FARMS: Las Casitas

LOCATION: Agua Caliente, Corquin, Copan, Honduras

ALTITUDE: 1200 masl.


PROCESS: Natural

In the Agua Caliente region of Corquin, Copan, Maria Melva Rodriguez owns Las Casitas, a farm spanning less than a hectare. Here, Caturra and Lempira coffee varieties thrive under the embrace of natural forest. Having left Honduras for the US in pursuit of a better life, Maria found herself disconnected from society there and returned to Honduras to embrace her passion for coffee. Over the past 15 years, she's cultivated her farm, prioritizing quality over sheer volume due to limited land size and focusing on enhancing her income through premium coffee production. Supported by Falcon and Aruco, Maria's coffee quality has steadily risen over the three years they've partnered with her, leading to more intricate flavors. The income from microlot sales has facilitated farm regeneration and improved living conditions, reflecting Maria's dedication.

All microlot processing occurs at the centralized Aruco mill, ensuring consistent procedures and minimizing risks for producers. Situated at 800masl, the mill's climate provides stability during drying, unlike the less predictable weather at the farms. Upon delivery to the mill, cherries are assessed for their Brix content, determining the appropriate processing method based on space and prior actions by the producer. Cherries are meticulously cleaned, washed, and floated to remove any immature beans. Subsequently, the coffee undergoes a controlled drying process on beds, taking 20 to 30 days, adapting to weather conditions and being turned hourly to ensure optimal results.


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