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FLAVOUR PROFILE: Red apple, fondant icing, elderflower

LOCATION: Mogok, Mandalay, Myanmar

ALTITUDE: 1500 masl



Ruby Hills farm gazes upon the misty, verdant valleys of Mogok, Myanmar—an area renowned for its precious rubies. Born and raised in Mogok, the founders, close friends with a shared passion, established this farm with a goal of offering wholesome and organic choices. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and environmental consciousness led them to refine their teas and specialty coffee for over twenty years. Their commitment has extended to the next generation, resulting in multiple awards for their specialty coffees and international certifications affirming their superior quality and organic nature. Beyond this, their values involve uplifting local planting and harvesting communities, while their products consistently reflect these principles. Ruby Hills epitomizes their devotion to these ideals.

The name "Ruby Hills" pays homage to Mogok's renowned ruby resources—the origin of 90% of the world's rubies. However, the region's historical dependence on this sole natural resource has led to certain challenges. Ruby Hills aims to reshape perceptions of the area by spotlighting more than what lies beneath the earth's surface. Their vision is to fortify and diversify the Mogok community by creating agricultural jobs and promoting knowledge sharing. Ruby Hills functions not only as a farm but also as a training hub for sustainable and organic farming practices. The majority of their harvesters are resilient women, forming the bedrock of their farm. Their commitment to employing women and ethnic minorities in Mogok is a testament to their dedication to female economic empowerment and an all-encompassing economic progression.


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