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FLAVOUR PROFILE: Raspberry and lime, layers of milk chocolate and hops, fudge sweetness

FARMS: San Francisco

LOCATION: Huabal, Peru

ALTITUDE: 1600-1900 masl.

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon


San Francisco in Huabal district houses over 50 farming families at altitudes of 1600 to 2000masl, mainly growing caturra and catimor. It's a key base for Falcon Coffees Peru, producing consistent, high-quality beans. Drying coffee on tarpaulin mats due to limited drying beds is common.

Huabal in Cajamarca's Jaén province holds potential for quality coffee, but poor infrastructure hinders producers. Altitudes range from 1200 to 2100masl, with many farmers regenerating their farms with catimores. With better management and fertilization, caturra, bourbon, and catuai are now being re-planted to yield higher quality beans. Diverse climate conditions lead to complex cup profiles.

Falcon Coffees has worked in Northern Peru for years, buying specialty coffee from cooperatives, but struggles to enhance quality due to supply chain challenges. They now work directly with producers, aiming for better quality control and fairer financial transactions. In a region with potential for quality coffee, many unassociated producers lack resources and are dependent on market prices. Local aggregators often buy their coffee for low prices.


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